• Development Services

Successfully completing a residential, commercial, or industrial development project can be a challenging task, but with the help of BM&K‘s talented team, it does not have to be. We can assist the developer at all stages of a development project from acquisition of land and feasibility studies, to conceptual layouts, to land disturbance permitting, to oversight and management of the site or building during the construction phase. Let BM&K assist you in your next construction project to ensure that it is a success.

Our Development Services will move any project from start to finish and include:

  • Land Acquisition: Assistance in locating the perfect property for your next project.
  • Feasibility Studies: Conceptual layouts to ensure that the property is right for your development.
  • Zoning/ Land Use Amendments: Preparation of plans and paper work necessary for rezoning and/or map amendments.
  • Engineering/Design/Permitting: Civil engineering design and permitting for land disturbance permits. Coordination with our affiliate architects, or with your own architect, for building layout and permitting.
  • Construction Management: Estimations of construction cost, solicitation of bids for construction, on-site inspections during the construction phase, approval of pay requests, and erosion and water quality monitoring.
  • Closeout: Walk-through inspections of the project to ensure that all items have been installed and final pay requests have been approved.