Braselton, Georgia, February 13, 2019—BM&K is proud to announce that the City of Rome has chosen BM&K Construction and Engineering for the pre-construction and construction services for the indoor tennis facility at the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College.

Currently the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College is a 60 court facility on a 30-acre site. The center is comprised of USTA standard asphalt courts and includes six NCAA regulation courts, three center courts for tournament and collegiate play, and one exhibition court. The new indoor tennis facility will be one of the largest in the nation. The driving force for the construction of the six indoor courts is to make Rome Tennis Center a competitive bidder for major national events, which typically stipulate the availability of indoor courts in the event of bad weather. Rome was chosen to host the 2020 and 2021 ACC championships and will need to have the indoor complex completed in time for the first of those tournaments in April of 2020.

Don Clerici, BM&K Owner and Founder, states “We are proud to be chosen for the construction of the new indoor tennis facility and look forward to the new and exciting opportunity to work in the Rome Community.”

BM&K Construction and Engineering was founded in 2006 as a multi-discipline firm providing services in civil engineering, land acquisition, and construction management.  Our diverse range of seasoned professionals gives us the expertise to deliver projects of any scope or size that our clients wish to construct. BM&K team members all share a passion for their work and a dedication to the clients we serve. With a particular focus on design-build projects in the areas of infrastructure, repurposing of existing spaces, public safety and quality of life, we have rapidly grown our knowledge and experience base right along with our reputation for excellence thanks to a variety of government and private sector projects. BM&K is exceedingly proud to provide a wide range of services, solid history of project success, and high levels of customer satisfaction that are rarely seen in the engineering and construction industry.

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