Our talented team offers expertise and experience in a diverse spectrum of services.

  • Construction Management

  • As Licensed General Contractors, BM&K provides ground-up construction, additions, and remodeling management services throughout Georgia. Our experience and commitment to provide the highest level of comprehensive construction services, from start to completion, ensures our clients an exceptional experience.

    Construction Management Services include:
    • Optimum use of available funds
    • Control of the scope of the work
    • Project scheduling
    • Planning & program development
    • Cost estimating
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Public Awareness Programs
    • Land Acquisition
    • Consultant selection
    • Design Reviews
    • Bid Strategies
    • Rainfall & Runoff Reporting (GDOT certified 9.02)
    • Construction Supervision (GDOT certified 8.01)
    • Bid Advertising
    • Bid Evaluation
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Pay Request
    • Change Management
    • Project Closeout & Warranty Work
    • On-site management
    • Inspections
    • Permitting
    • Technical Guidance & Review
    • Erosion & Sedimentation Inspection (GDOT certified 9.03)
    • Erosion Sedimentation & Pollution Control Monitoring (GDOT certified 9.01)
  • General Contracting

  • As Licensed General Contractors, BM&K provides ground-up construction, additions, and remodeling management services throughout Georgia. Our experience and commitment to provide the highest level of comprehensive construction services, from start to completion, ensures our clients an exceptional experience.

    From budgeting to plan specifications and design, we clearly communicate the scope of the project allowing clients to make informed decisions. During the construction BM&K adheres to an organized, safe environment, assessing each phase of the project and safeguarding a timely completion within the agreed budget.

    We have established long-term partnerships with specialized craftsmen who have proven to be dependable experts in their respective trades.

    Our responsibility will include but not be limited to:
      Preconstruction Services
    • Estimating
    • Coordination – for a seamless transition from Design into the construction phase. State of the art project management software keeps all team members engaged in all phases of the project: from the design, estimating, scheduling, to subcontractor contract scopes.
    • Sub-contractor selection via qualifications, capabilities, and standards
    • Cost management through a competitive bid process
    • Value Engineering
      Construction Services
    • Cost Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Quality Control
    • On-site safety, supervision, and coordination
    • Project coordination and logistics management
    • Project Closeout and Post Construction Support
    • Owner move-in coordination
      Planning and Design Support
    • Site Selection, feasibility and evaluation
    • Program Development
    • Program Management
    • Concept Sketches
    • Conceptual Estimating
    • Scheduling
    • Value Analysis
    • Options Analysis
    • Constructability Reviews
    • Project Controls
    • Selecting/Evaluating Consultants
    • Procurement Strategies
      Post Construction Support
    • Guarantees value and service for our clients
    • Identify and correct warranty issues
  • Engineering

  • BM&K is a full service-engineering firm offering design services to meet the needs of both public and private clients. The civil/site drawings are essential to the first stage of project design. Missteps at this stage will only lead to costly change orders and overruns as the project progresses. With experience in both design and construction management, BM&K’s talented team of civil engineers will design your next project to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

    Services Available
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Transportation
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Development Services

  • Successfully completing a residential, commercial, or industrial development project can be a challenging task, but with the help of BM&K’s talented team, it does not have to be. We can assist the developer at all stages of a development project from acquisition of land and feasibility studies, to conceptual layouts, to land disturbance permitting, to oversight and management of the site or building during the construction phase. Let BM&K assist you in your next construction project to ensure that it is a success.

    Our Development Services will move any project from start to finish and include:

    • Land Acquisition: Assistance in locating the perfect property for your next project.
    • Feasibility Studies: Conceptual layouts to ensure that the property is right for your development.
    • Zoning/ Land Use Amendments: Preparation of plans and paper work necessary for rezoning and/or map amendments.
    • Engineering/Design/Permitting: Civil engineering design and permitting for land disturbance permits. Coordination with our affiliate architects, or with your own architect, for building layout and permitting.
    • Construction Management: Estimations of construction cost, solicitation of bids for construction, on-site inspections during the construction phase, approval of pay requests, and erosion and water quality monitoring.
    • Closeout: Walk-through inspections of the project to ensure that all items have been installed and final pay requests have been approved.
  • Land Acquisition

  • Many transportation systems that were built years ago have outlived their intended use. In order to improve the systems, which are typically roadway systems, either Local or State Governments, must acquire land from property owners to improve the transportation systems. Sometimes this involves widening existing roadways and other times it involves realigning a roadway (new alignment). Many steps are involved in the complex process of acquiring land for roadway projects. BM&K’s staff has over 25 years of real estate experience and offers comprehensive right-of-way acquisition services which are outlined below.

    BM&K’s land acquisition team is approved through the Georgia DOT as a Negotiation Thru Closing Agent, Pre-Acquisition Agent, Acquisition Agent, and Relocation Negotiation Agent. This GADOT approval is a requirement on any project involving State or Federal funding.

    Land Acquisition services include:
    • Cost Estimates
    • Conceptual Stage Studies
    • Property Owner's Meeting
    • Data Book Preparation
    • Appraisal/Appraisal Review
    • GADOT certified appraiser (GADOT level 3 certified appraiser)
    • Environmental Services
    • Negotiation and Acquisition
    • Pre-Acquisition
    • Budgeting
    • Relocation
    • Electronic Records and Progress Reports
    • Counter Offers
    • Prepare Legal Descriptions
    • Plan Review
    • Closings
    • Condemnations
    • Project Certification
    • Property Management
  • Program Management

  • The main role of the Program Manager is to manage and oversee the coordination between different projects that are being undertaken by the same organization. BM&K has a proven track record of demonstrating results on various types of projects and working in partnerships with other organizations to ensure success. We are familiar with the different funding sources used and know what steps must be followed to ensure federal and state funding is not compromised. We have managed capital programs in the areas of transportation, infrastructure, parks, and municipal facilities, including programs with constructed values up to $85 million. In addition to serving as the Program Manager for a program, we can perform the design, land acquisition, or construction management services necessary to assist in making the program a success.

    Program Management Services:
    • Planning and Design
    • Project Monitoring
    • Contract Support
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Quality Control
    • Quality Assurance
    • Budget Management
    • Bid Procurement
    • Project Team Selection
    • Time Management and Scheduling
    • Communications Management
    • Project Interaction Management
    • Risk Management
    • Progress Reporting