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Founded in 2006 on the belief that successful projects begin and end with a knowledgeable and experienced staff, BM&K is backed by a rich history that predates its launch. Our diverse range of seasoned professionals – which includes everyone from professional engineers and construction managers to licensed general contractors and real estate agents appraisers – gives us the expertise to deliver projects of any scope or size that our clients wish to construct. With a combined flair for artistry, craftsmanship and showmanship, BM&K team members all share a passion for their work and a dedication to the clients we serve. With a particular focus on design-build projects in the areas of infrastructure, repurposing of existing spaces, public safety and quality of life, we have rapidly grown our knowledge and experience base right along with our reputation for excellence thanks to a variety of government and private sector projects. Our signs and skillfully crafted designs can be found on roadways, parks, transportation facilities, EMS and fire stations, corrections and maintenance facilities, office buildings, and even high rise multi-family structures all throughout Georgia. BM&K has provided successful management of a wide array of projects for a broad cross-section of clients, including Georgia DOT, City of Holly Springs, Town of Braselton, Jackson County Government, Walton County Government, Cherokee County Government, Oglethorpe County Government, Paulding County Government, Jackson County Airport Authority and Chateau Élan Winery & Resort – just to name a few.

BM&K is exceedingly proud to provide a wide range of services, solid history of project success, and high levels of customer satisfaction that are rarely seen in the engineering and construction industry. We look forward to the opportunity to add your company or organization to our growing list of satisfied clients!


BM&K has received the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Professional Consultant Qualification in the following areas:

  • Highway Design Roadway (3.01, 3.02, 3.13)
  • Construction Supervision (8.01)
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control ( 9.01, 9.02, 9.03)
  • Right of Way Cost Estimator
  • Appraiser
  • Negotiation Thru Closing Agent
  • Pre-Acquisition Agent
  • Acquisition Agent
  • Relocation Negotiation Agent
  • Relocation Conceptual Stage Study Agent
  • Licensed Contractors

Owner Bio

Don Clerici, P.E.

Owner/Company Founder

Phone: 706.824.0514
Email: don@bmandkinc.com

While fairly young in terms of years since its launch, the history and inspiration behind BM&K Construction and Engineering dates all the way back to 1945. There’s a very good reason company founder, Don Clerici is as comfortable on a construction site as he is in the boardroom. This third generation contractor comes from a long line of craftsmen and entrepreneurs who taught him the value of hard work and imbued him with the sense that it isn’t enough to merely perform a craft trade, but to strive to do it better than anyone else. As a young boy, he would accompany his father to jobs – not just because he enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together, but also because he loved watching things being built from the ground up.

Don officially got his start in construction at the age of 15 as summer labor on job sites. He quickly worked his way up to carpenter’s helper – where he learned the importance of “measure twice, cut once” and started honing his skill as a perfectionist. In all of the years since, his attention-to-detail and commitment to owner satisfaction have been integral to his success in construction, engineering, and land acquisitions & appraisals. In 2007, he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, father and uncle by creating his own company – BM&K Construction and Engineering.

Although Don represents more than 20 years experience of his own, he has assembled a team of skilled and seasoned industry professionals who embrace his corporate culture of uncompromised customer service, quality craftsmanship and community involvement. Today, BM&K’s private and public sector clients run the gamut from world-class resorts such as Chateau Élan, Southern municipalities that include the City of Holly Springs and Town of Braselton, and government entities like the Georgia Department of Transportation. Regardless of the stature of the client or size of the project, Don hopes that every job ends with a happy owner who enjoyed the process, is completely satisfied with the product delivered, believed their thoughts and ideas were incorporated in the end-result, and felt BM&K was always accessible, genuine and professional.

Community involvement is extremely important to Don. He encourages his team members to engage with local charities and programs on a personal level. From a company standpoint, BM&K is proud to support a wide variety of non-profit organizations, local schools and sports programs. When not working, you are likely to find Don on the ball field, where he has coached fast-pitch softball for nearly a decade. As a devoted father to three girls, he enjoys being active in his daughters’ lives. In return, they play a very important role in the business – each of their first initials (BM&K) was used to inspire the company name.

Meet Our Team

In additional to our visionary leader, BM&K boasts a highly experienced and professional staff with the knowledge and expertise required to take a job seamlessly from design to completion. Our talented staff consists of:

  • A Licensed General Contractor with over 20 years of both commercial and residential construction experience
  • A number of licensed real estate brokers, agents, and appraisers that offer more than 30 years combined experience in real estate and land acquisition services
  • Engineers and technical team members that hold degrees from respected colleges throughout the southeast
  • Several former Georgia DOT professionals whose experience in state and federal processes and procedures has proven to be invaluable to the company and our clients

We’d like to introduce you to a few members of BM&K’s leadership team:

Robert McGrath

Senior Project Manager

Phone: 770.778.7720
Email: robert@bmandkinc.com

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When Robert McGrath joined the BM&K team in 2009, he brought with him a wealth of experience that spanned more than a dozen years and included project management expertise in both commercial and residential construction. Having focused on a wide variety of projects throughout his career – such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, assisted living facilities, apartment buildings, and condos – Robert immediately proved an excellent fit for the broad range of services provided by BM&K.

In his role as Senior Project Manager, Robert is responsible for overseeing all construction projects on BM&K’s roster, including the performance of jobs and management of both budgets and timelines. He enjoys the fact that BM&K is every bit as much a family as it is a cohesive and highly skilled team. Robert finds his greatest satisfaction in providing a service to the client and seeing to it that they are happy with the end-result.

Beyond the job, Robert’s commitment to the communities he serves is apparent in his roles as President of the Jackson County Builders Association and athletic coach for both football and basketball with the local Parks & Rec department. He has also been proud to serve on the PTA at his kids’ schools. When not at work or volunteering his time, you can find Robert out on the golf course or spending time with his wife and four kids.

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Mickie McJunkin

Vice President – Real Estate

Phone: 404.291.9577
Email: mickie@bmandkinc.com

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Boasting an astounding 34-year career with the Georgia Department of Transportation – where she was honored with a Leadership Award from the Federal Highway Administration for her lifetime commitment to the field of right-of-way – Mickie McJunkin serves as an incredible enhancement to the BM&K team. Having collaborated with her previously on a project through GDOT, Don Clerici sought Mickie out in 2008 to join his new company. He believed that her skills as both a leader and as a right-of-way specialist would prove a great asset to BM&K’s growth.

In her role as VP of Real Estate, Mickie manages the right-of-way team and subcontractors, assesses the value of properties that BM&K client projects impact, acquires properties when necessary, aids in the relocation of families and businesses, and more. Most importantly, she works closely with Don and the rest of the BM&K team to secure the company’s standing as an industry leader in the Southeast.

Mickie is extremely humble when it comes to her lifelong commitment to philanthropy and the sponsorship of community events to benefit a wide variety of charitable organizations. When she’s not exploring real estate opportunities for BM&K clients, you can find Mickie and her husband boating on Lake Lanier or spending time at the family farm in Oglethorpe County with their two adult children and two grandchildren.

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Jacob Hughes

Project Manager

Phone: 678.522.5601
Email: jacob@bmandkinc.com

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Jacob Hughes got his first taste of real world civil engineering experience at Southern Polytechnic State University through a co-op program with the Georgia Department of Transportation. He quickly learned how traffic operations and construction worked, and liked it so much that he joined the team at GDOT part-time until graduation… when he became a full-time employee. He was soon wooed away to the Paulding County Department of Transportation, where he proudly served as Assistant Director. After a decade in transportation, Jacob was ready for a new challenge. Having crossed paths with Don Clerici in college and through projects at GDOT, Jacob was drawn to the excellent reputation and unique business model at BM&K. He liked the idea of applying his knowledge on a regular basis while learning entirely new skills.

In his role as Project Manager, Jacob gets to wear many hats. From construction of a county park to traffic management for a local city – no two days in Jacob’s work life are ever quite the same. Jacob especially enjoys the fact that he gets to be involved in a project from start to finish. He loves taking a project from design to implementation to completion, when he gets to witness firsthand the fruits of his team’s labor. Since joining the team at BM&K in 2014, Jacob can’t help but believe that the future is very bright for the Georgia-based construction and engineering firm. He credits Don’s leadership, which is a combination of both hands-on and empowering.  Don trusts his employees to make decisions on their own to impact the day-to-day operations as well as the bottom line.

Jacob is an active member of Victory Baptist Church. He lives in Paulding County with his wife and two kids, and – when he gets the rare opportunity to hit the links – he loves to golf.

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